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W Istanbul
Suleyman Seba Cad No 22, Akaretler · Istanbul34357 · Turkey 
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W Istanbul Music

Dogus Cabakcor, Director of Music/Resident DJ
W Lounge

Dogus is one of Istanbul's premier DJs, his music keeps Istanbul's elite dancing all night long. The stylist DJ's positive energy and eclectic mixes make him one of the most coveted DJs in the country. Along with all the Turkish hotpspots, Dogus has played in Miami and across Europe. The W Lounge is known for its ambiance, great crowd, amazing cocktails and bites, and especially for its music. Dogus gets the crowd going with contemporary pop and transforms the night into deep, funky, tech and progressive house music. Vocals are a key aspect to the music and Dogus is always spinning the new and unreleased tracks. Dogus is accompanied by different DJs on Thursday nights and performs solo on Saturday nights. The W Lounge is one of the hottest places to be and be seen in Istanbul and Dogus is a key part.

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Dogu Civicik, Director of Music/Resident DJ
Minyon Restaurant and Bar

Dogu knew at a young age that his passion was music creation and design. He studied engineering and electronic music at I.T.U. State Conservatory in Turkey and has worked as a DJ and Music Director for many top establishments in Turkey. His goal is to ensure that great music and a variety of music, is played throughout Istanbul and Turkey.  The music that Dogu plays at Minyon is a starting point to reaching this goal. The playlist is eclectic and you can listen to music from almost every genre. Playlists vary from vintage Turkish psychedelic to contemporary minimal electronica. One thing the tracks share is the mood, Dogu sets the mood of the music depending on the time of the day. Minyon is filled with sunshine during the day and the lights of the Akaretler Row Houses at night. There are unique events weekly where you can mingle and mix with some of the hipsters and influencers of this fabulous city.

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